BREAKING: Man arrested in Belfast in connection with Birmingham bombings of 1974 which killed 21 people

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A MAN in his 60s has been arrested in connection with the murders of 21 people in Birmingham in 1974.

According to the West Midlands counter-terror police, a 65-year-old man was today arrested in Belfast in connection with the Birmingham pub bombings which left 21 people dead.

In a statement, the West Midlands police said that officers from Counter Terrorism Policing West Midlands CTU, working with colleagues from the Police Service of Northern Ireland, arrested a 65-year-old man at his home in Belfast today, 18 November.

The man was arrested under the Terrorism Act and a search of his home is currently being carried out.

The suspect will be interviewed under caution at an unnamed police station in Northern Ireland in connection with the murders, which took place 46 years ago.

Nobody was ever brought to justice for the murders, and while the IRA never claimed responsibility it is widely believed they carried out the bombings.

Six Irish men-- known as the Birmingham Six-- were falsely arrested and charged with the terrorist attack in 1975, and spent 16 years in prison before their sentence was quashed by the courts, who cleared them of all wrongdoing.

They had all maintained that they were coerced by police into signing confessions through the use of physical and psychological torture.

Investigations continue.

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