Nearly 9 tons of drugs have been caught. They were destined for Europe

Новини за Кокаин 27.09.2019

The dispatch contained 3.5 tonnes of morphine and 5.3 tons of opium

Iran has captured 8.8 tons of drugs destined for Europe and crashed one of the three largest crime groups for drug trafficking, the police said, quoted by BGNES.

"This large shipment of drugs  was hidden in a reservoir . It was previewed   to be unloaded and imported into European countries ", says the news of television in the northwestern city of Urmia, not far from the Turkish border.

The deputy director of  the Police- Ayub Sulejmani said that the shipment contained 3.5 tons of morphine and 5.3 tons of opium. Nine traffickers  have been  arrested.

 Afghanistan produces 90% of opium in the world, extracted from poppy and refining to produce heroin and morphine. Iran is a large transit route for Afghan produced opiates for Europe and the USA. Every year Iran confiscates and destroys hundreds of tons of dope.

According to the latest UN data, 91% of the total opium, captured globally came from Iran, as well as 20% of heroin and morphine in 2017.

Tehran has threatened Europe several times that if he does not intervene to relieve US sanctions, he will invest less in the battle against drug trafficking.


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