A Turkish citizen has been sentenced to more than 6 years in prison for drug trafficking of 1.5 million levas.

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Six and a half years of  imprisonment and 250 thousands levas  fine will pay the Turkish citizen Bilal Berber for drug trafficking,

He was convicted for  trafficking of 60 kilos of drugs  in 2018   through the border checkpoint -Kalotina . The man has confessed himself guilty and therefore  he has been sentenced.

On  the Christmas Eve of  2018, Bilal Berber  carried over 61 kg of ecstasy by a cargo truck  across the border from Serbia to Bulgaria. The drugs are worth over 1 million. and 500 thousand leva, The ecstasy pills were hidden in polyethylene panties.

The case is particularly heavy and the Turkish citizen will remain  in prison under a  strict prison regime.

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